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Got a headache that won’t subside, a tummy ache that won’t taper, or experiencing pain instead of pleasure during sex? Don’t downplay it — take heed of these potentially harmful symptoms. Watch out for the 9 Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore

Slash cholesterol, ease aches, rev energy level and eat your way to amazing health!

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We get it. Despite the never-ending health benefits, staying hydrated may not top your daily to-do list. If you can’t get yourself to guzzle enough H2O, new findings might offer extra motivation: Drinking water can boost your brain power. Read on…

With a little caffeine and a lot of antioxidants, research shows that green tea can boost total-body health…

Whether hot, iced, or with honey, brewed green tea is chockfull of health benefits. (One exception: Avoid bottled green tea, which is often filled with added sugar.) Made from leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, green tea has a high concentration of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols and tea flavonoids known as catechins. These antioxidants help combat free radicals — substances that can alter and even kill cells in your body, causing premature aging, cancer, and other diseases — by neutralizing them. And fighting free radicals with green tea can have all kinds of benefits: Click here are 10 scientifically supported reasons to add green tea to your diet.

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Fruity Green Tea Smoothie

Many consumers are confused about the health risks and benefits of eggs, so as spring pushes eggs to center stage, it’s time to get your egg facts straight.

It’s true: Eggs are the perfect fare for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (in moderation, and usually when paired with other foods). They’ve been branded as unhealthy in the past, but with all the latest research proving the health benefits of eggs, that bad reputation has flown the coop. Eggs are budget-friendly, protein-packed, and low in calories. In many cultures, eggs are also a powerful symbol for new life, rebirth, and spring — the annual celebratory season of the egg.

Read on to find out how eggs really impact your health, why we dye Easter eggs, the difference between white and brown eggs, and more.

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There’s no need to feel guilty about your morning cuppa joe!

Women who drink a cup or more of coffee daily have up to a 25 percent lower stroke risk than those who sip the dark stuff less often, according to a new study reported today in the journal Stroke. Researchers followed nearly 35,000 women ages 49 to 83 for an average of 10 years and found the reduced risk held up even after accounting for such factors as BMI, high blood pressure, diabetes risk, and smoking habits — indicating that coffee’s stroke-lowering ability was independent of these known heart disease risk factors.

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