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A full time health and fitness guru on YouTube with over 80 million views, Sarah is obviously passionate about sharing healthy lifestyle information. Check out her site, SarahFit.com, for the most effective workouts and motivational advice. She is also a regular contributor to Everyday Health’s YouTube channel and girl behind “No Gym, No Problem”.

Decompress At Your Desk
Sitting at your desk all day can build up stress in your neck and shoulders leading to bad posture, headaches and back pain. Take about 5 minutes out of each day to perform these gentle shoulder rolls and neck stretches. You will immediately feel refreshed when you are done!

  • Engage your core to sit up taller, alleviate the hunch back look and strengthen your abs and back.
  • Perform 10 shoulder rolls forward and 10 backwards. Try to use the largest range of motion position.
  • Next, perform 10 shoulder shrugs by bringing your shoulders up by your ears, and then pressing them down and away as far as they will go.
  • Now sit up tall and pretend to be in a forearm plank position. With arms bent at 90-degrees, open your chest as wide as possible and then bring hands back to starting position. Open and close “the book” 10 times, squeezing shoulder blades together as your chest opens up.
  • Lastly stretch out your neck. Tilt your head to the right, and reach left arm out to the left. Repeat on the opposite side

You should feel much better already!